How to Drive Traffic to your site and boost sales through video?

How to Drive Traffic to your site and boost sales through video?

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Today’s digital marketing arena, video can be considered as the most preferred and powerful medium to learn about a brand.

The world of content has been moved away from blogs and article types to video marketing that is evident from the popularity of YouTube. Now, YouTube is the second-largest and top most search engine in the world.

If you add a video to your content on multiple platforms, you can attract more visitors to your website which leads to the greater possibility of conversion. Creating a video is a great marketing strategy.

55% of people prefer to see more video content from the brands they love and the consumers would prefer watching a product’s video than read about it.  What are the strategies that you should employ for videos to drive traffic?

Sing the Praises for Video SEO

Hosting your videos on the website, YouTube and Vimeo like platforms can be very effective in ranking high on Google. Before, you need to optimize your videos first. Learn the following things:

  • Include relevant titles so that the visitors can understand your videos what it is all about and also the platforms can better understand what it is.
  • While giving relevant titles to your video, it should include the right keywords.
  • Include transcripts so that Google can sort your content accurately and show it to the right people.

USE Email Marketing Magic

The creation of video content is great because search engines love it. Email marketing can be extremely productive if it’s done rightly. It reminds the people about you and your product and service. This is the perfect chance of delivering useful content to your audience and keeps them updated on what your company is doing.

Before people clicking on your website, they should open the newsletter open first, which includes ‘video’ or ‘watch this’ in the subject line. It boasts a 19% increase in open rates.

Make sure you keep everything easy for your viewers and include CTAs (Call to Action) that link properly to your website.

Answer Visitors’ Questions in Video

You must have watched if you type How-To, a video suddenly pops up at the top of your search. Google takes note of the fact that the people don’t joggle between bunches of texts. They want to learn quickly and easily through video.

If your company offers valuable advice, you should upload your answers, tips, and directions in video to your site. It will increase the chances of watching your content via search engines and if your content is highly valuable, the visitors will flock to your website.

Make Sure your YouTube Channel Work for You

YouTube makes sure the visitors should stay on the site as long as possible. That doesn’t mean you’re successful in driving people to your site. If you have a YouTube channel on your company name and you host important videos there, there is some strategy involved to drive more traffic. While uploading your videos, you don’t forget the following details:

  • Description: Add the most relevant link to your video while describing the video.
  • Cards – Cards appearing in the top right for the promotion of array of things such as like your website.
  • End Screens – At the end of the video, you should link your website or other associated links.
  • Channel Header – Adding a custom link to your channel banner can be useful.

Videofying Your Advertising Strategy

The click-through-rate of video Ads is 1.84% whereas it is just 0.20 to 0.50% for a text Ad. That means the people are more likely to engage with the video ad. Will you host an event or product launch? A content campaign can spread far and wide! Whenever there is the opportunity, use video ads across all platforms. It will raise the chances of a higher CTR subsequently more traffic to your site!

Highlight the Main Features That You Offer In Your Product Video

Product videos are all about putting your product or service in the spotlight by showcasing their advantages.

You make those videos so that your audience will be able to understand the product’s features and characteristics easily with visualization of using the said product features. You can create awesome product videos by keeping these in mind:

  • Context is vital: Display your product such a way that they’re working and delivering value.
  • Emphasis on storytelling: Showcasing your product is still the main goal, but the narrative can make things more engaging and smooth.
  • Stay away from scary tactics: Never try to frighten the users with the content, rather tell them how your product solves their problems.
  • Keep the focus on your target audience and product’s value.

Host Webinars

Hosting online events like webinars and whiteboard sessions can be very beneficial to your website. If you have a strong marketing plan and have an SEO optimized landing page, it will drive more traffic to your site along with hosting webinars for lead generation and content repurposing.

Social is super

Posting a video alone to social media isn’t enough. Give that video of yours links by using the caption real estate to link to your site having a strong call to action.

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