What are the key SEO trends for 2020?

What are the key SEO trends for 2020?

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Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithms every year that have a significant impact on the search ranking. It’s the job of the webmasters and SEO professionals to keep a tab on those Google trends so that they can anticipate what Google is planning, testing, or bringing for them.

There are several changes to Google search in the last year that can affect how we plan, implement, and report on campaigns for our businesses.  Every day new businesses are coming up, it’s highly imperative for businesses to meet those criteria or latest SEO trends so that their websites will stay top on the SERP. We have listed the following key SEO trends for 2020:

  1. Voice search: People search the way they speak

Take a voice search example: “Google, can you find the nearest Pizza-hut outlets to me?”

If you analyze the last 3 years of search queries, the data shows that 20% of mobile queries are voice searches.

As the voice search becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are going for search queries according to the way they speak.

Does the majority of these searches are long-tail and very specific? Users expect a more accurate and specific answer to the specific question they ask.

The users who search long-tail keywords are more likely to convert compared to a user who is in the awareness stage.

The bullet lists raise the chances of ranking for voice queries and the majority of the voice queries are local. Hence, optimize your website for local SEO.

  1. Keyword Research Will Be More Crucial

Over the years, Google has been turned from a search engine to an answer engine. Indeed, how the keywords were used earlier in web pages to rank high has been shifted, still, the keyword research is regarded to be central to SEO strategy.

Whether the users do thee searches by entering the text or using the voice, the keywords remain the primary factor ranking algorithms. To upgrade your keyword research strategy, use the combination of tools to prepare for the perfect keyword list, such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, etc. Think about topics rather than direct keywords as this will help you to narrow down to the secondary keywords from a primary keyword list.

First, select a set of topics and then go on entering them one by one into Google and YouTube. Zero down to those keywords which have more clicks than searches that will help you to have more relevant keywords.

  1. Featured Snippets to Dominate Search Results

The featured snippet happens to the summary of the answer to a search query. Google displays it at the top of the SERP result that is above the paid and organic ads.

The featured snippets have been around for quite some time and have brought crucial changes to Google’s search engine result page. Almost half of all searches end up with no clicks as the users get the relevant answers they need straightway from SERPs. The study shows that the featured snippets bring more traffic than the first organic search result.

Look for question-based search queries and keywords. Use questions from the “people also ask” section.  This section can provide you valuable insight on related questions.

  1. Influencers For SEO Will Increase Your Site’s Engagement Metrics

These days, the marketers spend almost 18% of their total marketing budget on influencers. This study reveals the importance of influencer marketing for companies like e-commerce, travel, fashion, and beauty.

The influencers will play an important role in shaping the overall SEO strategy for your business. The engagement metrics will assess the effectiveness of your content. Your content’s weightiness increases when it’s endorsed more and more by influencers or receives more social shares and high-engagement, which is closely related to comments and engagement time-on-page.

Google will see your business as trustworthy, thus resulting in higher rankings, traffic, and conversions. Better engagement metrics for your site is directly proportional to the quality of your content and how they rank it in the search results. So, influencer marketing will drive more traffic, increase your online visibility, and amplify your content reach. The backlinks you get from the influencer sites are more credible for Google and enhances your SEO efforts.

  1. The SERPS Will Continue To Innovate

The search engine results pages (SERPs) have gone through considerable changes in the last few years.

The percentage of ad share has increased. The answer boxes and featured snippets are getting most of the clicks and the “People Also Ask” feature is more important.

The introduction of Voice Search, rich snippets, knowledge panels, Google My Business, and updated Image Search results, it’s utmost important for SEOs to bring a range of new technical marketing strategies to appear in a multitude of organic search results.

The search result trends have transformed a lot and in some cases even getting first place in organic results might not be so useful. The SERPs would continue to evolve.

  1. Video Content Will Rule

Google loves videos. Videos have become an important part of SEO strategy and digital marketing efforts.

The research shows that videos can raise the possibility by 50 times for coming on the first page of SERP than a web page with plain text. Today, 62% of Google searches worldwide include video.

Create helpful YouTube videos in the line of your website content. It’s not a guarantee for first page results but you’ll enjoy higher traffic when Google indexes your video.

Embed videos on your website drive more traffic. Remember if you optimize your video to your website following Google techniques and make the readers know what your video content is, it can be highly beneficial.

  1. Mobile Search Will Take Over

88% of the total internet users search through mobile phones and 40% of the transactions take place by mobiles. Google has been shifted to mobile-first indexing since July last year to have smoother mobile search experience.


The websites need to be optimized for mobiles. It’s badly necessary along with responsive designs to rich snippets. If you optimize for voice search, then you have optimized for mobile.

Incorporate long-tail keywords for on-page SEO. Then, modify the content structure.

  1. Some Other Factors Hold Important
  2. BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) enables anyone to streamline their own question answering system. BERT will affect one in ten queries and increase the chances of ranking on the first page for featured snippets in Google SERP.
  3. Page load speed plays an important role in ranking. If your page doesn’t load quickly or you have a complex user interface, then all effort can go in vain. It will raise bounce-rate.
  4. SEO friendly and awesome content can help you in beating your competitors. But there should be quality along with quantity. Longer content is easier to rank.

Artificial intelligence has become a pioneering force in the evolution of SEO these days. With the introduction of RankBrain — the machine-based search algorithm helps Google in pushing more relevant results to users.

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